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We are glad to have new people visiting every time. We are happier however, if you are here to stay. Please feel free to look around. We always make everything here the best stuff so you’d have something creative to bring with you when you think of starting your own project. Every material used in the projects here could be found within your household. Remember, not all that is pretty is expensive.

So what are you still waiting for? Go through your stuff now to set aside the materials you’ll need for your very own scrapbook? Be sure to raid also your garages for stuff to be recycled. If your garage doors are as sturdy as mine, weather-stripped, insulated, and maintained by the best Tucson garage door repair company then you’ll have more chances of good stuff coming your way!

“It was a hobby before it became anything else.”

This is my usual response when asked how this blog came to be. This is the truth. However, the reason why I wanted it to become public is to help mothers like me cope with the everyday stress of life – by being creative. In addition to this, you are also provided a way to preserve your memories to look back to in the future.

Your kids would even love it because it is not simply a good ‘ol boring photo album. Depending on your creativity, you could start a whole new family tradition. Admit it, it still puts a smile on your face when you think about the first movie date. Bumping to that movie ticket you kept as a memento brings back all the first feelings you’ve had to your husband. It makes you feel the same love all over again.

Why not let it become constant by putting it in a scrapbook? That way, you’d be able to preserve it the more. You’d be able to show how much you treasure it by putting it up to be seen by others. Also, you could put your feelings into words by including a short note with some little hearts to it made up of colored pens, art papers, or even felt papers for more aesthetics. Interesting, right?

The main goal of this site is to give you ideas in doing exactly this – scrapbooking. We teach you different ways in how to make moments more memorable. We make it possible to transform bits and pieces of papers, threads, beads, buttons, and other everyday materials into part of your most treasured memories. We also create a place where you could maximize your creative juices.

In we also have a community where you could exchange design ideas with others. Learn how to make origami from the best people.

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