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You think you had it all figured out with Scrappincricut? Then you are in for a lot of surprise because just recently, we started funding and coming up with events that invite get-togethers to all Scrappincricut enthusiasts, and community members out there.

Designs, Et Al

The launch of this program themed Designs, Et Al was made last June, and from then we are now holding this on a monthly basis.

This event features a party in which all scrapbooking lovers out there would come together for several sessions of fun and excitement. Here, we share ideas in terms of making new pages designs for scrapbooks. We also have contests as well during the event in which participants would make the best scrapbook page. The winner takes home a scrapbooking kit, and a cash price worth $500. This was made possible by our generous sponsors.

Watch out for the monthly schedule of this event. Who knows, you may be the next best designer to bag home the bacon – err the prizes.

See and Sew

Watch out for See and Sew, our new project in partnership with Crochet and Things, the biggest and leading supplier of stitching and crocheting needs.

This features talks and seminars about incorporating crocheting, stitching, and embroidery to making your scrapbooks extra special. Among the topics discussed here is the how-to’s of stitching your own name on the cover of your scrapbooks. We also teach you how to make crochet covers that would make your scrapbooks more adorable.

Included in the $79 you’ll pay for the registration in this event is a starter sewing, and crocheting kit, and one crocheted cover for a standard scrapbook. You could add an additional $5 if you want to add your name on it. This is available when you register online or during the event itself.

Watch out for more events coming up soon. Sign up to our newsletter so you won’t miss anything!