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About Us was started by Kelly Armstrong. After talking about it non-stop with her friends, she managed to encourage them to take part in her greatest project yet. They are already one of the most frequent contributors when it comes to new and beautiful scrapbooking designs.

Kelly is a housewife to the love of her life Joe Armstrong who is a lawyer in Illinois. She is a mother to the twins Chester and Chestnut, and a part-time volunteer to an animal shelter. She is an advocate of animal rights, and during her free-time you’ll find her if not taking her kids for a walk, sitting at the barstool in her work room.

Kelly is a graduate of Business Management at University of California Berkeley. She is creative by heart so this site is to cultivate both her degree and passion. She loves talking about her craft and eventually, managed to make it a career.

Currently, is not anymore simply just a site showing you different types of designs for your scrapbooks. This has already evolved into an online market for your scrapbooking needs. From books, to different types of pens and papers, glitters, beads, cut-outs, pins, and other rare items for designing, they have it all here. Plus, everything even comes at the most affordable prices.

Kelly believes that what matters is not the price but providing people of a means to have fun. She understands that hobbies are needed for a good life balance. She hopes to provide it through

Join the club today. Sign up and experience scrapbooking like no other. When you get started, it is guaranteed that you’ll enjoy it and keep on going on and on.

Join also the regular scrapbooking sessions with Kelly and the other members of the club. Check out the events so you won’t miss it.